Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park International Competition

이사부 독도 기념공원 국제 건축 공모전


Location : South-East of Samcheock, South korea  
Site area : 24,600 ㎡
Gross floor area : 8,020 ㎡
Program : Park, Museum, Cultural & Tourism

Link : http://www.yisabu.kr

Coexistence of Memorial Park and Hwarang Park Modern museums have complex relationships with citizens in the city center. This is because the modern museum is a knowledge warehouse in the city, a cafe, and a living room in everyday life. The Jinju Silk Museum should now mean a natural daily encounter, and the paradigm should change to a symbolic space that contains the properties of silk. Using the projectivity of silk fibers, we planned a daily museum that could be easily accessed by visitors, eliminating the boundary between the space to "see" and the space to "store" exhibitions.


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