2012 Yeosu World Exposition Big-O International Idea Competition 

2012 여수세계박람회 Big‐O 국제 아이디어 공모


Location : Yeosu New Port, Yeosu-si, Republic of Korea   
Site area : 1,450,000  ㎡
Gross floor area : 1,839,000 ㎡
Program : Masterplan
Team : Phillip Architects
Link : www.expobio-o.org

Island scape
Landscape of Korean Peninsula, which is fully covered with ridges of mountains, is an accumulation of numerous protrusions and sedimentations. Historically, a ground that located amid mountains was used as living areas. Referring to these facts, we can find out that understanding the landscape is an important thing for studying and analyzing the city.
If we analyze waterfront area not as three different elements water, earth and sea but one continuous geographic flowing, we can obtain different perspective of way to develop that area. It is not the ans
wer to achieve it by claiming lands or build facilities.

In this point of view, Yeosu city is an appropriate example because of its' strong presence of geographic lines. Those lines of the earth made parts of the city as a national archipelago park and Hanryu marine national park. The view from ocean to ground is one of the most important features to understand the city. Numerous layers of wrapping mountains are the evidence of Yeosu history. Historic references show that large part of urban development was caused by surrounding lands. And we should think about Expo in Yeosu city by this aspect. It can be the great chance for Yeosu to show beauty of South Sea to the world.
However, site of 2012 Yeosu expo has quiet distance from geographic presence. Typical waterfront area which can be founded at any cities is a result of development with absence of considering own environmental features. Each element that consist the urban area does not have connections with each other. Besides, it is hard to find the element that can unify the city as one for Expo 2012. Environmental problems also appeared because of the lack of understanding the geological features. Wharfs and Breakwaters those built without analyzing backgrounds caused the sickness of Yeosu city's marine area. 2012 Expo site also has a same problem right now.

In these circumstances, we are trying to propose alternative perspective for development of Yeosu expo site with consideration of special geographic features of site. Referred to circular contour of wrapping mountains, we design the round shape water path on the site. This waterway connects various programs which are located around it. And it also acts as a third layer which is added on the layers of mountains and roads. It connects the islands as a one linear element. As a result of reaction between waterway and land, the ocean can take the area for research, leisure or sports.

Beach parks, exhibition pavilions, marine research centers and resorts are located at the site to accomplish the goal of the city that the area can be acted as well as a city after event. And also the final point of circular path is a perfect place to see the whole expo site and archipelago at once.

To solve the critical environment problem of site, we propose the plan that can make new circulation of sea by altering some part of the breakwater that is located beneath the path to Odong Island.

Our proposal is considering both geographic environment and urban layer. It can recover the absence of unification, corruption of environment and misconnection between old and new port. And it can also give strong impression to visitors by proposing them the new concept for understanding land, ocean and island as a one element, the 'Islandscape'.


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